The subject of the work is the conceptual design of large-format offset print shop (printing building with production facilities). The main aim of ​​the project was to create a clean and consistent form of it. The beginning was to create a solid base of cutting a cuboid, and then move and draw the relevant passages, so as form and function would create unity. To reflect the purity of the form, there are projections of a building with a clear functional layout. As the final result, the structure of the building is combined formation of two rectangles: smaller is part of the office with sanitary facilities, the bigger this hall of production – Warehouse. An important aspect of the project was to integrate the building with the green color by adding a green wall in the main lobby and patio between the hall and office space. Office building took the form of two storeys, and the hall has one floor. On the ground floor of the office part is placed main entrance, the pretreatment room and part of social rooms for staff. While the first floor is filled with the management and administration offices.

Warehouse was divided into 2 sectors: printing and bindery right. The office building is covered with curtain of perforated Corten sheet, which not only gives the structure of industrial nature, but also serves as a protection against excessive exposure to the sun from the office side of a building.

Rusty colored panels sheet also appeared on the eastern and western part of the production hall. The entrance is from the south, where also is located parking for visitors and guests. Staff parking is provided in the western parts of the projected plot. Also the office building has facilities for people with reduced mobility.

render 1111

42351Layout1render 22




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